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Special Diets
Recently my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. She is doing very well and we have reached a stage where we are comfortable taking her out to eat. Needless to say there is a lack of information on which restaurants "cater" to special diets.

Please Request A New Restaurant and using the comments are to tell me what kind of restaurants you visit which are friendly to kids with ANY dietary needs. I would like to start them as a list on this page.

Thank you, Mark

March 28, 2007
I was looking over the Chick-Fil-A website and they have a fantastic section providing nutritional information, meal calculators, allergen information, gluten information and diabetic exchanges. It was very useful. I was able to calculate dinner for my daughter very easily.

January 2008
User recommendation!

Subway - All Locations
The kids meals come with a healthy sandwich, 100% fruit juice and a back of kid friendly cut apples. A healthy meal.

Pollo Loco - All Location
An average carb level for my child is 60 (carbs) per meal. They offer chicken and cheese pita that is 60 carbs. They have soups and corn tortillas with rotisserie chicken and few calories. © 2007 | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use | Administration |